I-'wathrad Balannor

The Darkening of Valinor

by Tinw Filigod

A! Tollen gûr na Balannor
Nu goll dhúath e-nathron dhonn
Onethelais panna i nôr
Gelaidh gelaid go linnod an
Nestad. Ai nae úamdir dâr.

O! Come is death to Valinor
Under shadowy cloak of the dark weaver.
Yavanna fills the place
of the Trees of Light with a chant for
Healing. Ah alas, no hope remains.

Harnannin athan nestad bân
Telperion a Laurelin.
In edhil sí awarthar Dhûn
Farol i viriath corin
E galad vedui o Aman.

Wounded beyond all healing
Are Telpirion and Laurelin.
The elves there depart the west
Seeking the jewels made
From the last light of Aman.

I aear dholl. Saer dîn vanadh.
Aphadar 'lîn e-fast i chîn
Finarfin. Athradar athrad
Chelegnen. Sí falas thrúnen.
I ithil eria. Romru cân.

The sea is dark. Bitter their fate.
They follow the gleam of the hair of the children
Of Finarfin. They cross the icy
Passage. There is the eastern shore.
The moon rises. Trumpets ring out.

“The Mithril Awards were established to honour excellence in fiction, poetry and critical essays relating to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and other works by JRR Tolkien. All material freely available on the web in English is eligible for awards, regardless of rating, genre, subject matter, category and source (book or movie), with the exception of actor fic/RPS.”

For about a month this spring, web users could nominate works they found online, submitting the nominations through the Mithril Award's form on its website. I was told in an email that entries had to be nominated more than once for the same category to be considered, and that there were over six hundred nominations.

This was my second Elvish poem and my first in meter. I wrote it first in Sindarin, so the English ‹the only part being judged‹ is simply the translation. Writing Sindarin limits one's vocabulary, grammar, and imagery severely, since Tolkien never fully worked out the language, left us with large gaps, and frequently contradicted himself or changed his mind over the years. There may still be mistakes or better ways of phrasing than my clumsy attempts; so, mellyn nín, if any of you have corrections, you know where to find me!

Most of all, hennaid, thank you, to those who nominated this poem.
I am honored by the kindness of both strangers and friends.